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SuperJournal is a research project in the eLib Programme studying the factors that will make electronic journals successful.  The objective was to identify the features that deliver real value, and to explore the implications with stakeholders in the publishing process:  readers, authors, libraries, and publishers.  The research was conducted over three years (1996-1998) and the project ended in December 1998.

The project developed an easy to use electronic journal application and made clusters of journals available to university test sites via the World Wide Web. At the start of the project readers were asked about their expectations for electronic journals.  For two years their usage was recorded and analyzed.  At the end of the project, they were asked to comment on what they did and didn't like about SuperJournal, and the features they wanted in future electronic journals and services.  This Web site describes the project and results.

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  • Starting in April 1999 the project results have been posted on the Web site, including documents which describe the work itself, how it was implemented, and what we learned from the experience. The project is the subject of a book being prepared by the Project Director and Project Manager.

    As the project has ended, it is no longer possible for readers at the various test sites to use the SuperJournal electronic journal application.

    The Project would like to thank the publishers for licensing their journals for use in the project, the librarians who promoted SuperJournal at their universities and encouraged readers to use it, and the many users who participated in the research and generously contributed their views on electronic journals.

    Further Information

    SuperJournal was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher Education Funding Councils, as part of its Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib).

    For further information about SuperJournal, contact the Project Manager, Christine Baldwin:

    Phone: 01865-736850
    Fax: 01865-736855
    Post: Information Design & Management, Broom, Hinksey Hill, Oxford OX1 5BH
    email: c.baldwin@dial.pipex.com

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