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By Autumn 1998, the SuperJournal project had conducted baseline studies, made four clusters of electronic journals available to users at the test sites, and collected usage data for 18 months.  A "first cut" was done analysing the usage data for each cluster, resulting in the reports listed below:

Each report gives a snapshot of the preliminary results for that journal cluster, based on data available through August 1998:

After the reports were circulated and discussed within the project, more usage data was collected (to November 1998), the follow-up studies were completed, and more analysis was done on all the data.  The final project reports will give more accurate statistics and fuller discussion of the results.  However, these reports are still useful as they document results at the time, and give a snapshot view of each subject area.

When the reports were circulated at the time, they contained annexes with many large data tables.  These have not been included, for reasons of time, and because they have been superceded by the more accurate data tables in the final reports.

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